Kailas Jeevan - Multipurpose Ayurvedic Cream

Kailas Jeevan - Multipurpose Ayurvedic Cream
Many Indian households use Ayurvedic remedies from one generation to the next, and Kailas Jeevan Multipurpose Ayurvedic cream is a great example of a popular all-rounder for home use.

Some Indian households use Ayurvedic remedies from generation to generation with the same efficacy and Kailas Jeevan Multipurpose Ayurvedic cream is one such remedy.

It is entirely safe, prepared from natural ingredients such as Coconut oil, Sandalwood, Camphor, and Neem which work effectively in the treatment of various health conditions; from simple itching to severe skin disorders; from minor skin cuts to gastric ulcers. Yes, you heard it right, Kailas Jeevan works on a variety of ailments.

Many of these have been well documented during my twenty years of clinical Ayurvedic practice: Piles, fistula, abscess, acne, cracked on foot, chapped hands and lips, burning sensation in urine, toothache, unsound sleep, frostbite, gastritis, gastric ulcers, ringworm, warts, calluses, colitis, insect bites. These are some of the ailments which are effectively treated by this miraculous remedy.

This is a “must have” remedy to protect your family. It is safe for home use in cases of skin care, burns, scar reduction, cracked heels, and chapped lips.

This unique formulation manufactured by Ayurved Sumshodhanalya Pvt ltd, Pune, India has been used in Indian Households for the last fifty years. It is available, in different sizes from 20gms to 230gms, from our store.

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