Swati Maha Bhringraj Tel

Swati Maha Bhringraj Tel
There's nothing like a healthy head of hair to complete your look. But if you are among the high percentage of the world's population who suffer hair loss, balding, or premature hair graying, and you have had treatment with unsatisfactory results, read on...

As an Ayurvedic physician practising for the past two decades and specialising in the treatment of hair and skin ailments, Swati Maha Bhringraj oil is one of my favourite remedies.

This oil not only reduces hair loss and prevents premature greying, but also helps to strengthen hair roots, thereby promoting good hair growth.

Swati Maha Bhringraj oil is manufactured in India by one of our Best of the Best suppliers - Khadi Gramodyog Sewa Sauthan, Kanpur. It is manufactured using quality herbs without any harmful chemicals. Regular use of this oil improves the quality of hair strands and makes hair lustrous and smooth. This is one of our bestsellers at Ayurveda Family and we have many returning customers who use this oil. f you feel that you have hair related issues then you have an option to book an appointment with one of our consultants in our Health and Wellbeing services team. Or if you prefer, read our blogs on Latest News, Learn More About Ayurveda, and Monthly Focus  to keep you updated on various health related topics.


By Dr. Sagar Vete


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