Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum

Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum

Everyone goes through the ageing process and there's no stopping it. But yes, we can slow down this process using natural products recommended by Ayurveda Family.

A fact of life is that we all get older and, as much as we may want it, we can’t turn back time. But we can delay and slow down the ageing process using certain Ayurvedic treatments and remedies.

For example, Advanced Anti-ageing Serum is a natural and effective treatment that supports your skin against visible signs of ageing caused by environmental factors and stress.

This remedy works hard to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness, supporting your skin’s defense against environmental aggressors such as the drying effects of sun and wind. It is super absorbent, and is versatile - either used by itself as a treatment serum or applied below make-up. Its perfume holds the essence of India.

Advanced Anti-Ageing Serum is prepared from natural Aloe Vera gel, Argan oil, Hibiscus seed protein, Wheatgerm oil, Cherry blossom flower, Rice bran extract, Pomegranate extract, Broccoli seed extract and Spinach leaf extract.

As part of Ayurveda Family’s proprietary “Best of the Best'' selection process, this unique remedy has been procured from Jovees Herbal Care in India on the basis of its quality ingredients, and backed by high demand from our returning customers, who even purchase as a gift for family members and friends. It’s currently available from our online store, so if you’re interested please click here.

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