Basti - Medicated Enemas

Basti - Medicated Enemas

When the patient exhibits symptoms as a result of excess Vata, the preferred procedure of Panchakarma is Basti. Enemas are used in Basti. The enemas are made up of herbs and oils specific to the condition/disease. The overall strength of the patient is also considered in Basti. The enemas are administered at a certain time of the day and are extremely helpful in many poor health conditions. In Ayurveda, these herbal enemas are not only introduced via the rectum, but are also administered via the urethra in the male and the vaginal canal in the female.

Basti is considered to be one of the most important therapies as it works to keep a check on Vata. It is worth noting that Vata is the root cause for a majority of diseases. One of the reasons for this is that Vata is the wind and air in the body, being such, it moves the other two doshas. If Vata is out of balance then it is responsible for Kapha and Pitta becoming out of balance. This is because it governs movement (air) within the body. For this reason, keeping Vata balanced is an excellent way to keep diseases at bay.

There are three types of Basti administered.

  1. Anuvasan Basti – In this type of Basti medicated herbal oil is administered via the Anus immediately after food. The effect of this Basti is to nourish and strengthen the body. There is no definite retention time for this enema. The body will absorb what is needed and release any residue of the enema in its own time.
  2. Niruha Basti – also known as Asthapan Basti – In this type of Basti, a decoction of ayurvedic herbs is used in the enema. This treatment is carried out on an empty stomach and should be released within 45 minutes of administration.
  3. Uttar Basti - this basti is administered through the urethra of the male or the vagina of the female. It consists of either medicated ghee or oil.

    Benefits of Basti

    1. Basti helps in keeping Vata under control, which also helps in maintaining the balance of Kapha and Pitta Three doshas are balanced with this treatment.
    2. Increases the immune system.
    3. Beneficial for colitis, cervical spondylosis, digestive disorders, backache, obesity, piles.
    4. Basti is helpful when a person is in convalescence from other health conditions.
    5. Creates equilibrium in the body.
    6. It is a wholesome treatment and provides substantial relief for Bata imbalances.

      Indications for Basti

      1. Diseases involving joints for example: arthritis, gout, Rheumatism etc,
      2. Neuro muscular problems
      3. Osteoporosis
      4. Paralysis
      5. Low back pain, sciatica, slip disc
      6. Obesity
      7. Menstrual problems
      8. Constipation, Gas
      9. Diverticulosis
      10. Insomnia
      11. Tinnitus
      12. Infertility

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