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Maharishi Amrut Kalash is one of the most well known rejuvenator for daily health & longevity. It is enriched with the goodness of 53 time tested natural herbs & minerals which promotes strength that helps the body to fight back disease.
Increases longevity, memory and intelligence. Enhances immunity, elevates energy levels. Decreases the effects of aging and enhances overall well-being. It has 1000 times more anti-oxidant power than Vitamin C or E. Improves three types of mental function: acquisition, retention, and recall. Improves the function of nervous system, respiration, circulation and elimination. Boosts productivity and improves creativity and also reduces fatigue and combats stress. Improves the junction points or gaps in the step-by-step transformation of the 7 tissues—plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and reproductive fluid.
Amrit kalash paste : Phyllanthus emblica, terminalia chebula, santalum album, mesua ferrea, convolvulus pluricaulis, cinnamomum zeylanicum, elettaria cardomomum, centella asiatica, curcuma longa, piper longum, glycyrrhiza glabra, embelia ribes, cyperus rotundus, cyperus scareosus, ghee, honey, sugar, aegle marmelos, oroxylum indicum, gmelina arborea, stereospermum suaveolens, clerodandrant phlomides, desmodium gangeticum, uraria picta, solenom indicum, solenum xanthocarpum, tribulus terresteris, pedalium murex, phaseolus trilobus, termanus labialis, ricinus communis, sida cordifolia, saccharum spontaneum, eragrostis cynosuroids, asparagus racemosus, boerhaavia diffusa, leptadenia reticulata, saccharum offcinarum, gymnema aurantiacum, ipomoea digitata, pueraria tuberosa. Amrit kalash tablet : withania somnifera, glycyrrhiza glabra, ipomoea digitata, asparagus adscendens, emblica officinale, tinospora cordifolia, asparagus racemosus, vitex trifolia, convolvulus pluricaulis, argyreia speciosa, curculigo orchoides, capparies aphylla, acacia arabica.
1 tablespoon (5gm) of maharishi amrit kalash paste followed 1/2 an hour later with 1 tablet of maharishi amrit kalash in the morning. Same to be repeated in the evening.

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