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Lo-Medus is a proprietary AVN Ayurveda for treating obesity, cholesterol, high lipid levels and triglycerides. Lomedus Regulates circulating Lipid levels through FXR mediated enhanced bile acid clearance. It Increases HDL levels and mobilizes arterial lipid deposits and Normalizes lipid profile. It has strong Anti-oxidant action. Lo-medus Retards Lipid peroxidation and Reduces viscosity of the blood. This Ayurvedic medicine provides a comprehensive treatment for Atherosclerosis and Obesity.
Obesity, Raised Cholesterol Levels. Raised Triglycerride level.
Commiphora Mukul, Tinospora Cordifolia, Ptereocarpus Marsipeum, Embelia Ribes, Plumbago Zeylanica, Piper longum, Zingiber Officinalis, Louha Bhasma (Classical Ayurvedic Preparation)
2 Tablets twice or thrice a day or as directed by physician

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