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A rejuvenating ayurvedic formulation that fights liver ailments naturally. Livomap is a judicious combination of highly documented liver protective herbs providing perfect protection to the liver from infections & inflammation. Livomap promotes regeneration of liver parenchyma cells by promoting protein and nucleic acid synthesis and thus reverses the cirrhotic changes brought on by chronic alcoholism or chronic hepatitis. Livomap is a superior hepatoprotective.
Infective hepatitis - viral & bacterial, hepatic dyspepsia, anaemia, sluggish liver, hepatomegaly, malabsorption syndrome, anorexia & as an adjuvent therapy.
Boerhaavia diffusa, azadirachta indica, trichosnthes cucumeria, zingiber officinale, picrorrhiza kurroa, tinospora cordifolia, cedur deodara, terminalia chebula, crataeva religiosa moringa oleifera, berberis aristata, tephorosia purpurea.
1-2 Tablets two times a day after food or as ddirected by physician.

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