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GUM TONE gel is a unique formulation of astringents which tighten gums and arrest bleeding. Acacia arabica and Mimusops elengi in Gum tone Gel inhibits the growth of salivary bacteria and prevents the formation of cavities. Gum tone gel strengthens the gums and arrests bleeding. Barleria Caryophyllus aromaticus, Emblica officinalis and Acacia catechu have antibacterial and antiplaque properties. Camphora officinarum, Myrica nagi and rock salt offer a long lasting natural fresh breath. Vitex negundo and Piper cubeba are anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Regular use of Gum tone is recommended especially in diabetic patients who are prone to develop gingivitis. Gum tone is also recommended for regular use to maintain oral hygiene.
Bleeding, Spongy and Painful Gums (Gingivitis) Prevention of plaque formation and dental caries Halitosis (Bad breath) , Post scalinq to reduce dental pockets.
Pistacia Lentiscus, Laccifer Lacca, Symplocos Racemosa, Acacia Catechu, Sphaeranthus Aspera, Croton tiglium, Hemidesmus indicus Terminalia belerica, Rosa Damascene, Prunus Amygdalus, Baleria Prionitis, Eucalyptus globulus, Zingiber Officinale, Cinnamomum camphora, Thymol, Menthol, Panchangkwatha (Classical Ayurvedic Preparation)
Half a teaspoonful of gum tone powder to be rubbed on the gums and teeth with the help of a soft brush or the finger and to be left for about 5 minutes. Use it twice a day, every day.

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