Cardicare SGC

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Cardicare softgel capsules contain four well documented and proven natural ingredients which act synergistically to mitigate multiple risk factors of cardio-vascular diseases. It regulates lipid profile, blood pressure and provides anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant actions. It also decreases platelet aggregation and prevents the depletion of Co-Q10 in patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases.
Abnormal lipid profile, coronary heart disease, hereditary predisposition to cardio-vascular diseases.
Each softgel capsule contains : Resveratrol - Polygonumcuspsidatum extract (95% treservatrol -20 mg Omega - 3 fatty acid-EPA/DHA 80:20) Grape seed - Vitis vinifera extract CoQ 10 - 380 mg
Take 1 capsule twice a day for a minimum period of 12-16 weeks.