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Bronkasav liquid is useful in asthma and has a broad spectrum action to ensure easy breathing. It is a potent poly herbal formulation containing standardized extracts of mucolytic expectorant, bronchodilating, anti-histaminic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory herbs which strengthens the lung tissues, improve pulmonary functions and enhance immunity to fight allergens, thereby reducing the frequency and severity of asthma attacks leading to an improvement of the quality of life.
Bronchial asthma, allergic bronchitis
Draksha [Vitis vinifera] -125 mg, Kanaka [Datura metel] - 100 mg, Vasaka [Adathoda vasica] - 50 mg, Yastimadhu [Glycyrrhiza glabra] - 50 mg, Pippali [Piper longum] - 50 mg, Kantakari [Solanum xanthocarpum] - 50 mg, Nagakeshara [Mesua ferrea] - 50 mg, Shunti [Zingiber officinale] - 50 mg, Bharangi [Clerodendrum serratum] - 50 mg, Talisapatra [Abies webbiana] - 50 mg, Somalatha [Ephedra gerardiana] - 50 mg, Lavanga [Syzygium aromaticum] - 50 mg
Adults - 10-15 ml diluted with equal quantity of water twice daily for minimum of 3 months.

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