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1. Low Cost consultation:

A 10 minute consultation to discuss what Ayurveda Family can do to support particular health issues (eg arthritis, skin disorders, etc.) or achieve health goals (e.g. weight-loss, immunity, stress management and sleep balance, etc.)

2. General Health initial consultation:

To discuss and resolve at least one health issue within time constraint.

3. General Health follow-up consultation:

To discuss and resolve any queries about medicine side effects and any difficulties understanding recommended solution. This will help resolve any doubts in mind of patient.

4. Lifestyle and Wellbeing initial consultation:

Chosen from a list of Lifestyle and Wellbeing categories:

     ● Balance to your life
     ● Manage stress and Anxiety
     ● Detoxify your body
     ● Clean your skin
     ● Balance your sleep cycle
     ● Improve immunity
     ● Increase vigour and vitality
     ● Constitution typing (Ayurveda body type analysis)
     ● in-depth assessment of your health concerns and symptoms
     ● walk through all aspects of physical, emotional and mental well-being, including   diet and lifestyle
     ● health goals agreed and a tailored programme given to meet those goals

5. Wellbeing and Lifestyle follow-up consultation:

This consultation is part of a three month “Wellness Journey” health boosting programme. Improves health, detoxifies body and gains immunity. Review of progress against health goals set in initial consultation.


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Dr Satyadeepa Gandhi is an Ayurveda doctor by education and passion, graduated from Goa University in the year 2000. For the past 20 years she has had an active practice treating patients and upgrading her knowledge in various specialities. She has an expertise in treating lifestyle disorders, ENT  disorders, Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox therapies), yoga advice, and natural Ayurvedic products for beautiful skin care. She has been a active contributor in sharing the age old knowledge hidden in Ayurveda through lectures, talks, videos etc. Due to the experience gained by working for various hospitals, personal clinics, consultation etc, she has a wide repertoire of healing skills.

Book Appointment Dr. Akshata Swamy - Low Cost pre-consultation (10 minute)

Rs. 450.00