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Bodywin herbal health capsule is a highly valuable medicine that restores and strengthens the body’s vital elements. It Promotes health and performance. It nourishes the muscles and encourages ongoing stamina. Bodywin increases the metabolism and immune system. It overcomes chronic general debility and severe fatigue. It helps in overcoming nervous exhaustion. It is also a powerful rejuvenator to health and the nervous system. It reduces the effects of aging on the body.
Body toner, growth of muscles, height increaser, mental weakness, complete vitaliser, rich in iron and nervine tonic.
Winter Cherry, Grape pulp, Indian Gooseberry, Soyabean extract, Crocus sativa, Asparagus racemoses, figs extract, pomegarnate extract, spinach extract, purified Asphaltum, Mucuna pruriens, Chlorophytum arundinaceum, Ipomoea Digitata, Curculigo Orchiodies.
1-2 Capsules, twice a day with milk or Fruit Juice.

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