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Yogaraj Guggulu is a Popular Ayurvedic medicine which is widely used by Ayurvedic physicians to treat various types of arthritis and joint ailments. It contains Guggulu (Commiphora Guggulu) as its base which has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also prescribed and is effective in the treatment of lumbar and cervical spondylosis as it has disc tissue regeneration properties.
osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Sciatica, Gout, Infected wounds, Paralysis, Hemiplegia, neuropathy, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Ligament injury, Muscle spasms, Bursitis.
Plumbago Zeylanica, Piper Longum, Trachyspermum Roxburhianum, Cuminum Cyminum, Cedrus Deodara, Piper Cubeba, Elettaria cardomomum, Roack salt, Sausserea lappa, Pluchea lanceolata, Tribulus Terrestris, Coriendrum Sativum, Emblica officinalis, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Cyperus rotundus, Piper longum, Piper nigrum, Zingiber officinalis, Cinnamomum zeylanicum, Vetiveria Zizaniodes,Hordeum Vulgare, Abbies webbiana, Puriefied Commiphora Mukul, Pure Ghee.
1-2 tablets 2-3 times a day after food or as directed by doctor

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