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Whole Husk Psyllium, derived from the seeds of the herb Plantago ovata, is a bulk forming dietary fiber that contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. It naturally supports the entire gastrointestinal system. Adding Psyllium to your diet promotes healthy and regular elimination.
A natural dietary fibre supplement, Heals constipation, Promotes effortless evacuation, helps heal peptic ulcers, helps lower blood cholesterol/ lipid level, helps reduce blood glucose level, good for diabetics, helps reduce body fat/ body weight, helps heal and prevent Giardiasis and amoebiasis, naturally supports the entire gastrointestinal system, Psyllium husk promotes healthy elimination and regularity.
Oragnic Psyllium.
Adults and Children over 12 years: One serving up to 2 times daily. Best taken before and between meals. Mix 5g (1 Tablespoon) Psyllium with at least 200ml of water, juice or your favorite beverage. Stir and drink immediately. If too thick, add more liquid and Stir. Drinking an additional glass of water afterward is advisable to ensure hydration

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