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Glucomap is a rational combination of herbal hypoglycemics known down through the ages and is well accredited by laboratory and clinical studies. This ayurvedic formulation has both pancreatic as well as extra-pancreatic actions.
Diabetes type II (helps alone or as an adjuvent with oral hypoglycaemic agent.
Eugenia jambolana, enicostemma littorale, azadirachta indica, phyllanthus niruri, aegle marmelos, terminalia arjuna, asphaltum, acacia katechu, symplocos racemosa, areca katechu, gymnema sylvestre, santalum album, pterocarpus santalinus, albizia lebbeck, pongamia pinnata, berberis aristata, aquilana agallocha, momordica charantia.
1-2 tablets twice a day.

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