Ayurvedic consultation approach

Ayurveda​ ​treats the body, mind and spirit of a person as a whole entity. It works on the basis that the mind and body affect each other, and a combined approach can better overcome disease.

During Ayurvedic consultation, your Ayurveda consultant not only focuses on symptoms but also considers overall body balance, mental status, and physiological function, looking for the causes of the disease, for example wrong diet habits, bad lifestyle, etc.

Ayurvedic medicines and dosages are not standardised but they differ from person to person depending upon severity and chronicity of disease, age of the patients, ayurvedic body type of the patient, strength of the patient, digestive capacity of the patient, the time of the season, the time of day, and the family health history.

Ayurveda focuses on prevention and so Ayurvedic consultants try to learn more about the diet of the patient and the present lifestyle, and manages the aggravating factors of the disease.

Ayurvedic consultation benefits

An Ayurvedic consultation will help you identify the imbalance in your body and mind, and will outline a clear path to resolving the imbalance.

Ayurvedic treatments are unique for each individual. What suits one may not always suit the other because our ​Prakruti (body type) is different. During Ayurvedic consultation, your ayurvedic consultant will consider your specific body type and design a unique plan for you which will help you to balance your ​Doshas​.

During your appointment, your consultant will discuss in detail your health issues. Since Ayurveda strongly believes that mind and body are interdependent, psychological imbalances (eg stress, anxiety, etc) will be addressed.

At the end of your appointment your consultant will make recommendations on products from different categories like ​Ayurvedic medicine, Detox​, Weight loss,​ Immunity​, ​Ayurvedic cosmetics​, ​Anti-ageing​ and ​Ayurvedic supplements.​ You will be reward with your purchases to ensure you receive the benefits at the lowest cost*.

Ayurvedic medicines show their best results when supported when you follow a correct diet and a healthy lifestyle. Our Ayurvedic consultants at Ayurveda Family will also provide some healthy tips on dietary modifications and daily routine adjustments, simple exercises/ breathing techniques etc.

* when you join our rewards program.

Follow-up Consultations

After the initial consultation, Ayurveda Family recommend you return for at least one follow-up consultation. We will send a booking reminder to you.

A follow-up appointment gives new insight and a deeper understanding on the treatment. It also allows the Practitioner to refine current recommendations or address new health concerns.


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