Constitution or body-mind typology is an important concept in Ayurveda. Every individual has different physical, physiological and psychological functions. Maintenance of health, prevention of disease, achieving longevity and treatment depends on this fundamental theory of understanding a human being.

This Concept of Prakruti, helps us in understanding why we differ from each other. It is also useful in predicting an individual’s susceptibility to a particular disease, prognosis of that illness and selection of herbs or remedies. By understanding Prakruti, one can choose a specific diet regimen, lifestyle and so improve one’s quality of life and longevity.

Vata Body Type

Vata body type people are born with more Air and ether element and hence have dominant Vata dosha. People with Vata body type have small body frame and thus they are thin, they have dry skin, dry hair. Eyes and Nails also look dry. Their joints make cracking sounds during movements. Vata body type people tend to prefer warm or hot weather, while they may have trouble tolerating the cold. They have a hard time gaining weight, so they tend to be thin with a low weight. They have irregular appetite. They are weak and get tired easily. They do not stick to one job and hence they have a tendency of changing jobs frequently.They get upset quickly and have weak sleeping pattern. Their sleep requirement is also less.

They are quick-witted and open to new experiences. Additionally, they are active and like to move. We like their easiness but not their forgetfulness. Vata people love music and dance. They can relax well when listening to classical music, enjoy warm and gentle oil massages and can forget themselves and the world in the process. A cosy ambience and soft fabrics such as silk, silk-wool blend, and cotton on the skin provide for basic inner balance. Vata people have less control over mind and thoughts and have less tolerance capacity. They have a quick grasping power but a very poor memory. Vata body type people make money quickly but they are quick in spending it too. They love to travel, and prefer adventure to routine.

Tips to Balance Vata

 Vata body type people should avoid fasting. Strenuous physical exertion and working in air-conditioned rooms should also be avoided. Vata body type people should stay in warm and humid environment and eat warm, moist good nourishing food. Regular oil massages also help to balance Vata.

Eating at regular intervals help Vata dominant people as their digestion is weak.

Pitta Body Type

Pitta contains the properties of the fire and water element, but the former is more pronounced. Thus, Pitta regulates all metabolic processes in the body as well as body temperature and our hormonal balance. Hunger, thirst, and even intelligence are associated with Pitta.

Pitta types can be well-structured, manage projects, and concentrate exceptionally well. They want to do something and are practically predisposed. They are a pleasure as teachers because their lessons are logically organized, and everyone can follow their clear manner of expression.

Pitta people have well-proportioned skeletal frame that is medium in size. The musculature of pitta dominant people is lean but athletic. Weight of people body type people remains generally steady. The face is heart shaped and tapers near the chin. Eyes are medium sized and light/ grey/green in colour. The skin is fair, slightly oily with lots of moles and marks on the body. Hair is soft and fine but prone to premature greying. Many Pitta dominant people complain of hair fall. Body temperature is warm and they easily sweat. Sweat sometimes gives peculiar body odour.

Pitta body type people have good intelligence and concentration with good memory. They get excited and get angry very quickly. They are hardworking, disciplined, dependable and ambitious. They have a strong appetite and their digestion is good. Their bowels are smooth and pass sometimes 2-3 times a day.

They have plenty of good energy and their stamina is moderate. Pitta dominant people prefer moderate sleep and sleep is not too deep.

Tips to Balance Pitta

Pitta body type people should avoid eating hot, spicy food. Tastes like Sour, Salty and Pungent should be avoided as much as possible.

They should wear light coloured breathable clothes which have a cooling effect on the body. Listening to light music (e.g. flute or instrumental music) has a calming effect on the mind and heart which also soothes the spirit.

Cooling Pranayama techniques like Sitali and Sitkari gives overall all cooling to the body.

Kapha Body Type

Kapha body type people have Earth and water dominance. They are the most balanced people and more calm and pleasant. They always seemed to be balanced and understanding, calmly handle several issues simultaneously, and can also answer other urgent questions while doing so. They retain what they have learned and can remember the minor details.

They have good physique, great physical strength and well-built body structure. They have good thick, smooth hair, large eyes, mostly rounded face. Their voice is deep and strong. Teeth are white, proportionate and well formed. Kapha dominant people have smooth and radiant skin. They have fair and white complexion. Their joints are well nourished and hence cannot be prominently seen.

They gain weight easily. They prefer excessive sleep and sleep very deeply. Kapha dominant people prefer a dry and warm climate.  Kapha body type have a regular but slow digestion. They prefer to eat sweets. 

They are emotionally loving, calm, thoughtful, loyal, steady, strong, supportive and patient. They tend to hold on to things or relationships even after they are not necessary. Kapha dominant people are stubborn and resist changes. This category of people is prone to depression.

Tips to Balance Kapha

Foods that are great for balancing Kapha are pungent, bitter, and astringent in taste. Food should always be warm. The golden rule of eating for Kapha types is: “Eat less than you feel hungry for or are craving.  Vigorous exercise routine that includes jogging, hiking, biking, vigorous forms of yoga or martial arts, or other challenging forms of exercise, a minimum of five times per week is advisable for Kapha body type people. It is good to avoid the “digestive nap” during the day.

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