Pylsact ointment

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Pylsact ointment is a herbal ointment that provides fast relief from pain, itching, bleeding, and burning sensation. It repairs damaged tissues. Pylsact ointment also provides soothing and cooling actions. Pylsact ointment provides safe and effective treatment for haemorrhoids. It also has antibacterial properties that treat infection.
haemorrhoids (internal and external), anal fissure, fistula in anal area, itching and burning sensation.
Rubia cordifolia, symplocos racemosa, glycerrhiza glabra, berberries aristata, curcuma longa, azadiracchta indica, jasminum officinale, plumbago zeylonica, sesame oil, calotropis gigantea, euphorbia nerifolia.
Apply 3-4 times a day.