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Occuhills (ayurvedic eye care capsule) by Herbalhills is uniquely designed for those who sit for long hours in front of a computer screen, have dry / irritated eyes, or suffer from eye conditions. This eye care medicine is a classical ayurvedic preparation of Triphala Ghruta. It contains Triphala as its main ingredient processed with ghee which has antioxidant, detoxifying & rejuvenating properties & a coolant to eyes.
Ayurvedic Eye Nourishment & care, Helps to protect eye, useful in dry eyes. ,
Embelica Officinalis, Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Belerrica, Cow's milk, Cow's Ghee (Purified unsalted butter made from Cow's milk)
2 Capsules, on empty stomach in the morning or as directed by the physician.