Nasyam is divided into four types dependent on the type of medicine used.

  1. Navana Nasya: Medicated oil nose drops
  2. Avapidana Nasya: Herbal concoction nose drops
  3. Pradhamana Nasya: Finely powdered herbs – to be snorted.
  4. Dhuma nasya: Fumes of medicinal herbs – to be inhaled.

    Benefits of Nasyam

    1. Healthy hair and hair growth.
    2. Protects the person from diseases pertaining to head.
    3. Increases sense organs of the head.
    4. Healthy eyes, nose and ear
    5. Prevents the early greying of hair.
    6. Prevents early aging.
    7. Reduces congestion in head and sinuses
    8. Reduces sensitivity of nasal mucosa which in turn helps to treat allergic nasal conditions.

      Indications of Nasyam

      1. Recurrent and chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis
      2. Allergic nasal conditions
      3. Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis)
      4. Migraine
      5. Stiffness of neck, jaw
      6. Hoarseness of voice
      7. Nasal polyps
      8. Goitre
      9. Glaucoma
      10. Drooping eyelids
      11. Toothache
      12. Speech disorders
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